daisy (original mini wall hanging)

daisy (original mini wall hanging)



* original mini wall hanging *

All my pieces are inspired by nature, magic, and the beautiful scenery of Manitoulin Island. This weaving is perfect for a cottage or a home looking for unique and rustic decor.


☽ This is a ready-to-order original mini weaving.

☽ The weaving is 4.5 inches wide, stick is 8.5 inches wide, and the full length from stick to end of tassels is 15 inches (about 1.25 ft).

☽ This weaving is secured to a piece of driftwood from Manitoulin for hanging purposes.

☽ Yarn is acrylic, cotton, rope, and wool and comes in a variety of colours and textures.

☽ All of my weaving are created on a traditional loom and each is one of a kind.

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